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How are cable cars improving mobility and reducing segregation in Latin America

Photo by  David Almeida  via Flickr   Cable cars are systems which are used to transport people and goods to places where using other means is much more complicated and expensive. Traditionally cable cars have been installed in tourist attractions such as theme parks and winter resorts, however, more and more cities around the world are taking advantage of their potential, using cable cars as part of their mass transit network. In countries such as Colombia and Bolivia, where several of its main cities are located in areas of complex topography, cable cars have become a practical solution for mobility. From Medellin to La Paz, these systems have transformed the urban trips of millions of people, improving accessibility to the districts furthest from the central areas, which were difficult to access through traditional transportation systems. La Paz, Bolivia. Photo by Ádám Maráczvia  via  Flickr La Paz, the seat of Government of Bolivia and one of the highest cit

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